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Presentations About the Migration, Habitat and Raising of Monarch Butterflies

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Helping Monarch Butterflies

Raising Monarchs from egg to release is a passion for Shelly Culea.  She has released hundreds of Monarchs over the years from her butterfly nursery.  Shelly gives Monarch presentations to garden clubs, nature centers and schools to help raise awareness of the at risk Monarch butterfly.

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Learn how you can help the Monarch Butterfly!

Shelly will give a 30 minute presentation on her experiences in the UNESCO protected World Heritage  Monarch Sanctuaries in Mexico.  


Learn the Monarch Butterfly's favorite plants and flowers in this 30 minute presentation.


This 30 minute presentation will explain how fun and easy it is to raise a Monarch Butterfly!

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If you would like to schedule one or more of my presentations feel free to contact me.

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